Camel Prospect Welcome Notes

Thank you for choosing to stay at Camel Prospect. We hope you have a great holiday! Here are a few notes to let you know about the features of the house.

If you need any assistance during your stay here, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.


The block paved area in front of the house is your designated parking space within the courtyard area. To maximise your space we suggest parking your cars in the following way:



The upstairs living area at Camel Prospect uses a Lutron control panel to allow you to choose different lighting moods. The panel is on your right as you walk in and has 4 different preset scenes for you to choose from. The little black buttons are as follows (from top to bottom):

Scene 1. General Task Lighting

Scene 2. Bright Lighting

Scene 3. Dinner Lighting

Scene 4. Movie Lighting

The chrome light switch next to the Lutron unit turns on the stairway lighting.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit

The property uses a mechanical ventilation heat recovery unit, which brings a constant supply of fresh outside air to each bedroom (this is pre-warmed), and expels the stale air from the bathrooms and kitchen. This system helps to improve air quality and reduce humidity which can often be a problem for houses in Cornwall which don’t use this sort of system. You don’t have to do anything as it is self-maintaining, but you may notice a gentle background hum of its operation.

Central Heating & Underfloor Heating

The Central heating for the house is currently set for mornings and evenings but it is relatively easy to reprogram if you need a different schedule at any point. Let us know if you need any help at all with this.  The thermostat to control the heating is located to the left of the door outside the bunkbed room.

Central Heating Instructions

The underfloor heating is set to heat the main bathroom to an amibient temperature automatically. If you would like this to be changed at all it’s probably best to let us know and we’ll pop round and do it for you as the programming on it is a bit fiddly.

T.V and Surround Sound System

  1. Make sure all the plugs to the left of the TV are switched on.
  2. Then, to turn on the TV use the remote controller with the TV sticker on it. 
  3. To access the TV channels use the remote with the TV CHANNELS sticker on it.
  4. To use the surround sound turn on the controller with the sticker saying SURROUND SOUND on it.

If you have any trouble getting the channels to show once you have followed these steps then try the following:

  1. Press the Source button on the TV remote controller to make sure that this is set to HDMI 1.
  2. If you are still having problems, just give us a call and I’ll talk you through it!

Surround Sound

When you have the surround sound on the screen on its unit should say DVD as the input. You then use the surround sound remote controller to turn up the treble elements of the sound and the TV remote controller to increase or decrease the bass sound. Hopefully, a quick trial of each remote controller will help you see how they work together to get a nice balance depending on what you are watching. 

Spare HDMI Cable If You Have Brought Your Own Laptop

To the right of the unit below the TV is a spare HDMI cable which you can plug your laptop into to use it for streaming etc. You need to use the TV remote Controller to change the source to HDMI-2.

Kitchen and Washing Machine

The switches to turn on the dishwasher, oven, hob and extractor fan are situated above the worktop and are labelled accordingly. The switch for the worktop lights is to the right of the sink. There is a handheld spark igniter provided in the cup to the right of the cooker hob to help light the gas rings.

The washing machine is in the little courtyard room accessed from the main bedroom’s patio doors.

Bins and Recycling

Black bin bags go into the metal bin outside the house once they are full. Bin day is on Thursday morning so you can leave any full black bin bags at the entrance to the courtyard by the main road on a Wednesday evening where you’ll see other courtyard residents have left theirs.

Any recyclables can be separated and left in the coloured recycling bags outside, next to the metal bin and we will deal with them on changeover day:

Orange bag: Plastic and Metal

blue bag: Paper and Cardboard

black plastic box: Glass

COVID-19 Changes

The first main change to normal years is that we’re asking guests to bring their own towels and at the end of the stay, strip the beds and leave the sheets in the black bags we’ve left under the sink for the purpose.  We have double sets of all duvets and pillows so that when new guests arrive they can be confident that the duvets we’re providing have been aired for a week before use.

The other major change to our usual format are the check in and check out times. We are asking guests to vacate the property by 9.30 on the day of departure and delay their arrival to 17.00 at the earliest on arrival day to allow enough time for deep cleaning.

We used to leave out books, dvds, games and magazines for guests to use but, following the guidelines, these have been removed for this season. The result is a more predictable set of items to clean in between bookings.

We will leave hand sanitizer in the house, along with antiviral cleaning spray and fresh cloths for you to use to keep surfaces as clean as possible during your stay.

Hopefully, these precautions won’t be too inconvenient for you and that they make sense, given the circumstances. This has definitely been a difficult year for everyone to make sense of and we are all trying to find our way back to some form of normality following the lockdown we’ve all been through. We want you to be able to enjoy the holiday you planned when you booked it and as such we are doing our best to make sure everything is as normal for visitors as it can be in the circumstances while making sure we do everything we can to reduce the COVID-19 risk.
It is very important that you don’t travel down for your holiday if you or any of your party are suffering from COVID-19 or have any suspicions that you might be. There’s no point in risking its spread down here in Cornwall when so many visitors will be in the county. We will be very happy to rearrange your booking with you for a date later in the year or next year, if needs be, if you have any health doubts whatsoever.  
The takeaways to remember are:
  • Don’t travel down if you or any of your party are feeling unwell – we can rearrange for another time with you in such a circumstance.
  • Bring your own towels.
  • Don’t arrive until after 17.00.
  • Use the hand sanitizer and cleaning spray provided.
  • Strip your bedding and leave in the black bin bags provided.
  • Depart by 9.30.

Exploring Wadebridge

If you would like some information about the shops, cafes and restaurants Wadebridge has to offer, visit our getting to know Wadebridge webpage here.